Last update: 2/15/06
March 7-8, 2006, Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Mohan Tanniru welcomes participants

Dr. Leslie Tolbert, Vice-President for Research, describes research directions for the University of Arizona

Dr. Vicki Chandler discusses the BIO5 Institute for Collaborative Research at the University of Arizona

Dr. James Kvach fields a question from the audience

Dr. Mark Thurmond, University of California-Davis, presents on the Foot and Mouth Disease Lab's FMD BioPortal

Dr. Kathleen Carley, Carnegie-Mellon, examines modeling for biodefense

Dr. Hsinchun Chen, Director, UA Artificial Intelligence Lab, describes the BioPortal initiative

Mr. Chunju Tseng, UA Artificial Intelligence Lab, demonstrates the BioPortal system

Ms. Colleen Burgess of MathEcology, discusses modeling for flu pandemics

Mary Derby of UA's Epidemiology program, describes a very large data set

Dr. Hsinchun Chen listens attentively to the presentation, but also prays for rain during Tucson's long dry spell

The private dining room at Hacienda del Sol prior to participants' arrival for dinner

Dan Desmond, Hsinchun Chen and James Kvach enjoy a little pre-dinner

A group toast to an excellent gathering

Dr. James Kvach responds to the toast to his impending retirement

(Front) Dr. Daniel Zeng, UA and Dr. Cecil Lynch, University of California-Davis; (back) Joseph Wu, National Taiwan University and Wei Chang, UA

The evening closes with participants enjoying the night air prior to departure

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