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FACEBOOK CONNECTION is not accepting any new members.

The information below is being kept online
for archiving reasons

Interested in finding a roommate - or - communicating with others who are attending ICIS this year?

ICIS 2009 Roommate Match on FacebookTo help facilitate communication between attendees – we have started a Facebook group titled ICIS 2009 Connection.

This is a “invite only” group in which all members must first be approved by the administrators before access into the group is granted.

Group membership is being allowed only to those who have registered for the ICIS 2009 conference. We are cross checking registered names by using the registration list found on the registration webpage.

Once a member of the group, ICIS attendees can join the discussion boards, send out requests for roommates, post their pictures and meet others who will be attending the conference.

To join – simply create a free Facebook account (www.facebook.com) and search for ICIS 2009 Connection. Then select the “Request to Join” button.

Disclosure: Neither the MIS Department, The University of Arizona nor AIS is responsible for Facebook members comments or postings found on Facebook’s ICIS 2009 Connection group. Administrators of the ICIS 2009 Connection group reserve the right to remove any member’s postings if their content is found to be inappropriate.

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