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Regional Information Sharing Project for Huntsville, Texas Law Enforcement Agencies

The city of Huntsville, TX recently granted a contract to implement COPLINK, a law enforcement records-sharing tool, in an initiative to improve Community Oriented Policing. The project, funded by the COPS office as part of COPS MORE 2001, will enable law enforcement officers within the city of Huntsville and Walker County to consolidate, share and identify criminal information stored in their databases in order to solve incidents quickly.

The Huntsville Police Department and the Walker County Sheriff's Department will use COPLINK to consolidate data across six databases within the organizations into a centralized data warehouse. This will allow cross-jurisdictional searches in which city law enforcement professionals can access county criminal records and vice versa.

The system's Artificial Intelligence based techniques mimic the investigative process used by seasoned detectives. City and county officers will use one of the "detecting" tools within the program to solve crimes rapidly by discovering hidden relationships among items such as persons, vehicles, incidents, locations and property.

Huntsville Mayor William B.Green stated, ... it is foundational to our healthy community effort and our vision on how the City and community organizations should work together and share information.

For more information visit the company website at

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