Demo: 3D Borg Cube

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Generated in 1997 on a set of 200 electronic brainstorming comments, this version of the self-organizing map uses a 3-D representation to demonstrate relationships between concepts. Developed using VRML and JAVA, the premise behind the use of the 3-D cubes is each concept is able to have up to 26 neighbors, rather than the maximum 8 neighbors found in the 2-D representation.


In order to run this demo, you must have the Cosmo Player VRML 2.0 plugin, which is included in the full version of Netscape 4 or can be downloaded. Use the control bar at the bottom to navigate through the interface. You can choose to display the cubes either in solid or transparent form. A linear list of the concept is included. Clicking on the right mouse button on a concept in this list shows the comments for that concept. Choosing the transparent view and clicking on the left mouse button on a term in the linear list results in a highlighted view of the cubes that contain that term.


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3-D Borg Cube
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