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Data Warehousing - Coplink*/BorderSafe/RISC

* The COPLINK system was initially developed by the University of Arizona Artificial Intelligence Lab with funding from the National Institute of Justice and the National Science Foundation since 1997. With additional venture funding and product development, Knowledge Computing Corporation (KCC) currently distributes, maintains, and updates the commercially available COPLINK Solution Suite.

Demo: COPLINK Criminal Network Analysis

Features of CrimeNet Explorer

CrimeNet Explorer is a prototype system for exploring criminal networks in law enforcement and intelligence domain. It is a knowledge management tool intended to facilitate the investigation of organized crimes such as terrorism, narcotics trafficking, gang-related crimes and many others. In these crimes offenders are interrelated and they operate in a network to commit various illegal activities. CrimeNet Explorer can help identify the central members, detect the groups, and extract the structure/organization in criminal networks based on criminal-justice data. The major
technologies used are Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods (centrality measures and blockmodeling), clustering, concept space approach, and multidimensional scaling (MDS).

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Figure 1

Figure 1 (A 57-member Gang network):
Nodes represent individual criminals labeled by their names.
Links represent relationships between criminals.
Adjust the slider to perform clustering and blockmodeling.


Figure 2

Figure 2 (The Reduced Star Structure of the Gang Network):
Circles represent groups.
The size of a circle is proportional to the number of group members.
Each group is labeled by its leaders name.


Figure 3

Figure 3 (The Inner Structure of a Group):
The rankings of each group member in terms of centrality measures. The first one of each column is the leader, gatekeeper, and outlier, respectively.
Adjust the slider to do further blockmodeling.

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