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Data Warehousing - Coplink*/BorderSafe/RISC

* The COPLINK system was initially developed by the University of Arizona Artificial Intelligence Lab with funding from the National Institute of Justice and the National Science Foundation since 1997. With additional venture funding and product development, Knowledge Computing Corporation (KCC) currently distributes, maintains, and updates the commercially available COPLINK Solution Suite. KCC has recently been merged with i2, a premier provider of visual analysis software.

Terrorism Knowledge Portal


The Terrorism Knowledge Portal was a search engine created specifically for the domain of terrorism research. It was developed by the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Arizona. This research project was supported by the National Science Foundation.  

This project aimed to explore governmental, social, technical, and educational issues relevant to supporting intelligent Web searching in terrorism-related research. The portal supported searching of a customized terrorism research database with over 360,000 quality pages. In addition, it provided access to terrorism research institutes, government Web sites, news and presses, and a collection of useful Web resources for researchers. 

The AI Lab's Meta Search module and MetaProducts's Offline Explorer were used to collect pages. An advanced page collecting methodology was used to ensure the quality and coverage of the collection. Furthermore, a content analysis algorithm and link analysis algorithm were used to rank the search results as well as filter out unrelated pages. Microsoft SQL Server was used as a backend database server.

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