Demo: Chinese MLinput

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Chinese MLinput is a Java applet that allows you to input Chinese characters and do queries. However, it is not a Chinese display -- you need to either download Microsoft Global IME or consult Read Chinese in Net Applications in order to display Chinese characters on your system. Chinese MLinput features all the 12 input methods available in CXTerm, including 4Corner, ARRAY30, Boshiamy, CangJie, English, ETZY, HSU, Punct, PY, QJ, Simplex, and ZOZY.


First you choose the input method that you are familiar with. Then you enter the query and choose a search engine to send the query to. The following are some built-in functions:

  • F1/Ctrl-Space to toggle between Chinese/English input
  • F2/Shift-Space to cycle through various input methods
  • Shift-n to select the Chinese characters
    (can use n or spacebar when appropriate)
  • ESC clear the key sequence

    Note: Click on the current method prompt to select more methods

Although I wrote this program from scratch, it is not possible without other people's efforts from the Internet.
  • The input methods were based on the CXTerm (Chinese X-Terminal) .tit in files compiled by various people
  • The Chinese16 bitmap font from the IFCSS
  • Similar Java Applet: jInput (jInput's author couldn't release its source codes but helpfully pointed me to CXTerm for more information, thanks!).



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