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Information Analysis & Visualization

Demo: Fisheye and Fractal SOM

Please note: This demo has been taken offline; the information below is for archival purposes only.


This was a demonstration of how the Fractal and Fisheye View could be applied to the Self-Organizing Map (SOM). Fractal View was derived based on the fractal theory by abstracting the displayed objects as well as controlling the amount of information displayed. The Fisheye View was similar to the wide angle fisheye camera. It magnified objects that are within focus and shrinks distant objects.


  • User would mouseover the self-organizing map to view the region document titles in the "Focused Document Title" subsection.
  • Mouse left-click set the fractal view focus point.
  • Useof the "Fractal View Amount of Displayed" scrollbar set the amount of information to be displayed according to the focus point.
  • Mouse right-click set the fisheye view focus point.
  • Using the "Fisheye View Scale" scrollbar set the degree of magnification.
  • The radio button was used to set the methods of fisheye view transformation (cartesian or polar).

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