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Workgroup and Collaborative Computing

Demo: Workgroup & Collaborative Computing

  • Demo has been retired


GS-Map analyzes raw (GroupSystems, GS) electronic meeting comments and identifies key concepts in each comment. It then uses a Kohonen algorithm to categorize the comments around related topics. The Kohonen output is visually represented as a map with each node being represented by a block in a 10 x 20 matrix. Below there are two different sample electronic meeting sessions that you can explore. Both sessions contain comments from actual electronic brainstorming sessions. Each session was analyzed in less than 5 minutes.

Three different types of Kohonen-based maps are available for viewing the testbed classification: 1-D or linear, 2-D, and 2.5-D Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). The VRML SOM requires a Cosmo Player plug. The collection has been divided into subsets based on time. Text labels and colors are used to demarcate regions in the SOM. Color has significance only in the 2-D SOM. Red categories represent the most recent, "hottest", topics, while blue categories represent older topics that are no longer actively discussed. On all the maps, clicking on the region of interest will display the associated documents.

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