Our Alumni

Alumni of the Artificial Intelligence Lab graduating with a Ph.D. have or have held faculty positions at numerous universities in the U.S. and abroad, including those listed below.

Arizona State University
Boston University
Central Connecticut State College
City University of Hong Kong
Claremont Graduate College
Fordham University
George Washington University
National Taiwan University
Northern Arizona University
Oregon State University
Pace University
Pennsylvania State University

Santa Clara University
Stetson University
Towson University
University of Hong Kong
University of Georgia
University of Texas at Tyler
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
University of Utah
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Utah Valley University
Virginia Tech University




  • Weifeng Li (Ph.D., MIS, 2017)
  • Cyrus Afarin (M.S., MIS, 2017)       
  • Calvin Barreras (M.S., MIS, 2017
  • Malaka El (M.S., MIS, 2017           
  • Vincent Ercolani (M.S., MIS, 2017              
  • John Grisham (M.S., MIS, 2017   
  • Ashley Ireson (M.S., MIS, 2017   
  • Rodney Rohrmann (M.S., MIS, 2017         



  • Victor Benjamin (Ph.D., MIS, 2016)
  • Xiao Liu (Ph.D., MIS, 2016)
  • Stephen Dolan (M.S., MIS, 2016)
  • Arthur F. Jicha III (M.S., MIS, 2016)
  • Ryan Jicha (M.S., MIS, 2016)
  • Ian Kaufer (M.S., MIS, 2016)
  • Brendan S. McDermott (M.S., MIS, 2016)


  • Shan Jiang (Ph.D., MIS, 2015)
  • Yu-Kai Lin (Ph.D., MIS, 2015)
  • Ryan Chinn (M.S., MIS, 2015)
  • Samantha Forbis (M.S., MIS, 2015)
  • Eric Gross (M.S., MIS, 2015)
  • Leon Walker (M.S., MIS, 2015)

AI Lab and SFS members 2015

AI Lab members and SFS students in the spring of 2015.



AI lab 2013

The formal portrait of AI Lab members in 2013.


AI Lab members and alumni at IEEE ISI 2012 in Washington, D.C.

AI Lab members and alumni at IEEE ISI 2012 in Washington, D.C.


AI Lab members, colleagues, family, and friends, Fall 2011.

AI Lab members, colleagues, family, and friends, Fall 2011.


2008 and 2009

AI Lab in 2009

AI Lab family and friends at Gentle Ben's, 2009.


AI lab members in 2007

AI Lab members enjoy the 2007 Fall "Welcome Back" party on Gentle Ben's patio.



AI Lab students and staff 2005

AI Lab students, staff, and family at the 2005 annual AI Lab picnic.


AI Lab students and staff 2004

AI Lab staff and students at the 2004 photo shoot in back of Eller College.



AI Lab members in 2002.

AI Lab members on the steps of Eller College in 2002.



The AI Lab in 1999.



  •  Joanne Martinez (MS '94)


Past Visiting Scholars


Photo credits:  Thomas Veneklasen