Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars in the Artificial Intelligence Lab work under the direction of Dr. Hsinchun Chen.

Most Visiting Scholars have the rank or equivalent rank of Associate Professor in their home county; a few have been advanced Ph.D. students.  Visiting Scholars generally spend at least part of their time on research and co-publication activities with the AI Lab.  Visiting Scholars generally stay in the U.S. for one to two years, depending on requirements to return home and to their positions.  To be accepted as a Visiting Scholar, you must be invited by Dr. Hsinchun Chen to apply and must meet the following requirements:


Practical Information

If you are invited to apply, we will send you a formal letter of invitation and a DS-2019 application form. Once you have signed and returned the letter and form and have secured your funding, we will request that you send your passport bio page, proof of funding, and proof of English-language proficiency.  We will send you the requirements for these documents during the application process.

Once your DS-2019 request is approved, you will then interview in your home country for the J-1 visa.  Once you have your visa, you may make arrangements to arrive in the U.S.  Upon arrival in the U.S., you must immediately obtain health and repatriation insurance; information about this is provided during the application process.  You must also check in with the Office of International Faculty and Scholars after obtaining the health insurance.


Working in the AI Lab

Visiting scholars enjoy many of the same privileges as other faculty.  You may check books out of the Library, use the Library databases, and attend departmental seminars and campus events. The AI Lab furnishes a space to work in, in our cubicle area, a workstation, and other supplies.  You are encouraged to work with other AI Lab members, and to attend the regular AI Lab meeting and weekly MIS seminars.


Visiting Scholars at the AI Lab

Visiting Scholars
Dong Zhang (2018-Present)
Wen-Wen Li (2018-Present)
Xue Zhang (2018-Present)
Past Visiting Scholars
Yidong Chai (2017-2018)
Lanfen Wu (2016-2017)
Jiang Wu (2015-2016)
Zhen Shao (2014-2015)
Michelle Huang (2015-2016)
Qing Li (2015-2016)
Lichun Yin (2014-2015)
Casper Nybroe (Intern, 2014)
Huarong Xu (2013-2014)
Jing Liu (2013-2014)
Qiao, Jian (2013-2014)
Xuan Liu (2013-2014)
Kaile Zhou (2013-2014)
Xiangbin Yan (2014)
Yi-Hung Liu (2013-2014)
Xiaolong Song (2012-2014)
Hongwei Wang (2013-2014)
Gang Wang (2013-2014)
Wei Shang (2013)
Xiongwen (Oscar) Pang (2012-2013)
Qingqing Zhang (2011-2013)
Jong Hwan Suh (2011-2013)
Suk Jun Lee (2011-2012)
Donghui Yang (2011-2012)
Kui Fu (2009-2010)
Xiaohui Han (2011-2012)
Cuiqing Jiang (2011)
Yungchang Ku (2009-2010)
Yingjie Lu (2011-2012)
Hui Nie (2011-2012)
Hyun-A Park (2010-2011)
Qiuli Qin (2010-2011)
Fu-Ching Tsai (2011-2012)
Xianwen Wang (2008-2009)
Ji Young Woo (2008-2010)
Ming Yang (2009-2010)