MIS 596A, Biomedical and Security Informatics

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 Syllabus and Other Important Materials (Spring 2007)

  1. MIS 596A Syllabus
  2. Digital Fingerprints: Tiny behavioral differences can reveal your identity online
  3. MediaWikiIntroduction (Slides)
    • AI Wiki
    • WikiBI
    • WikiISI

 Other Course-related Materials 

  1. Siddharth Kaza, Information Retrieval, Social Network Analysis, and Knowledge Discovery for Homeland Security
  2. Edna F. Reid, Hsinchun Chen, (2006), Mapping the Contemporary Terrorism Research Domain, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 65, 42-56
  3. W. Edward Hammond, James J. Cimino, Standards in Biomedical Informatics
  4. C.P. Friedman, J.C. Wyatt, and D.K. Owens, Evaluation and Technology Assessment

 Class Slides

  1. A Template for Producing IT Research and Publication
  2. The BioPortal Informatics Infrastructure for Syndromic Surveillance and Biodefense
  3. Community-based Security Informatics Research: The COPLINK Experience
  4. Information Visualization
  5. Intelligence and Security Informatics for International Security: Information Sharing and Data Mining

 Book Chapters

Intelligence and Security Informatics for International Security

Medical Informatics: Knowledge Management and Data Mining in Biomedicine

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