Cybersecurity Projects from MIS 510 Class


As computers become more ubiquitous throughout society, the security of networks and information systems is a growing concern. An increasing amount of critical infrastructure relies on computers and information technologies. Advancing technologies have enabled hackers to commit cybercrime much more easily now than in the past. At the same time, accessibility to technologies and methods to commit cybercrime has grown. As a result, more researchers have become interested in the cyber domain. Recently, security researchers have begun conducting more explorations of hacker communities in tandem with focusing on the technological element of security.

Project Requirements

Each project team will consist of about four members of diverse skills, who will participate in the data collection, analysis, and evaluation of Cybersecurity content. You will be given credentials to access the Hacker Web data collection in AI lab. You need to create an account to access Shodan data which is available online. You are required to propose interesting and meaningful research questions regarding each data-set and come up with technical solutions to solve the problems. You need to automate the data access and analysis processes. Using additional data-sets to support your analysis is encouraged. The final derivatives are a 10-page report and presentation slides.Your prject will be judged based on the novelty and meaningfulness of the research questions, depth and thoroughness of backgroud research (literature review), and novelty and technical skills used for analysis.

Lab sessions will be provided to assist you in this effort. During the semester, each group will present their work (usually before the Mid-Term week). Each group will be rated by the instructor and other groups during presentation and each team member will be rated by other members in the same team. Your final report should detail the role and actual contribution of each team member.

Related Lecture Materials

  1. AI Lab Cybersecurity Project Overview (2013/14), by Victor Benjamin
  2. Cybersecurity Research Overview (2014), by Victor Benjamin
  3. Shodan Introduction

Lab Session Materials

Spring 2014, Session 1

Project 1.  Hacker Influence and SCADA Devices – A Temporal Shift Approach to Risk    [Slides]    [Report]

Project 2.  Cyber Analytics Project: King of Trojans - Zeus    [Slides]    [Report]

Project 3.  Cyber Analytics Project   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 4.  Cyber Analytics Project     [Slides]    [Report]

Project 5.  Cybersecurity Project - Team IOT   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 6.   Cyber Security: Hacker Web and Shodan   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 7.   Cyber Security Web Mining - Team DejaView  [Slides]    [Report]

Project 8.   Cyber Security Project   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 9.     Cyber Security Analytics      [Slides]    [Report]

Project 10.   Cyber Analytics Project      [Slides]    [Report]

Project 11.    Cyber Analytics Project  - Shodan and Hacker Web      [Slides]    [Report]

Project 12.    Cyber Analytics Project - Analyzing collaboration in hacker forums, .edu domain vulnerabilities and cross site scripting attacks     [Slides]    [Report]

Project 13.    Cyber Analytics Project    [Slides]    [Report]

Project 14.    Cyber Analytics - Team Never Off Guard     [Slides]    [Report]

Spring 2014, Session 2  [coming soon]

Project 1.    Cyber Analytics Project    [Slides]    [Report]

Project 2.    Cyber Analytics Project - Windows XP and End-of-Life Threat Analysis   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 3.    Cyber Analytics Project   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 4.    Cybersecurity Analytics   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 5.    Cyber Analytics Project  [Slides]    [Report]

Project 6.    Cyber Security Research Project - Team: Desert Cyber Police   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 7.    Cyber Security Analytics Project - Web Mining [Slides]    [Report]

Project 8.    Cyber security findings from Hacker Web and Shodan   [Slides]    [Report]

Project 9.    Cyber Security Project    [Slides]    [Report]

Project 10.   Cyber Security Project   [Slides]    [Report]


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