AI Lab launches new AZSecure-data portal

AZSecure logo and website
July 15, 2015
With funding from NSF's DIBBs program, the portal aims to support security researchers

The AZSecure-data portal currently offers browsing access to 70 downloadable forums from the Artificial Intelligence Lab's Dark Web and Geo Web collections, thus providing access to over 21 million postings.  Each forum collection contains postings from hundreds of thousands of authors, and may be in any one of several languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Pashto, Russian or Urdu, depending on the forum. The large collection of over 800 Internet phishing websites is from the University of Virginia; collections include Escrow, Financial, and Pharmacy sites. All data sets can be downloaded freely for non-commercial education and research use.

The portal is available at